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Oz Trade Company” is a young and dynamic company headed by Oz Yonah.

Although he completed studies in Electronics, Optics and Computer Communications with distinction, he was always drawn to the world of imports and international trade.

In 2004, Oz Yonah founded a company for international trade relations between importers around the world and the best manufacturers in the Far East. The company operates from its premises in China.

“ENOLLA” is an Israeli brand that includes a line of lifestyle products in the area of comfort accessories and elastic bandaging alongside flight and travel accessories.

The comfort product range provides high quality elastic support solutions that are flexible and formfitting for various parts of the body. The bandages can be used to support joints/elbows, wrists, arms and legs, and provide stability, strength and immobilization for the desired area.

The range of accessories for the security and comfort/convenience of travelers and vacationers provides an excellent solution for securing freight and luggage by means of straps and sophisticated locks. This range includes various products constituting hidden storage pockets for travelers, to act as a “safe” for storing money, passports and airline tickets, which attach to different body parts (socks, belts, neck pouches, etc.).

“ENOLLA” does not neglect comfort products for travelers and offers a variety of products with an anatomical design that ease long flights and journeys (eye masks, neck pillows, etc).

The substantial advantage of the products is their high standard of quality in relation to their prices which are inexpensive and affordable for all. The unisex design is suitable for both men and women and enables multiple use. The products are made from elastic materials that are simple and convenient to cleaning by washing with cold water and soap.

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